Our Essential Training Packages for Dogs and Puppies are designed to provide you with a full understanding of our different K9 Techniques, the consistent and repeated learning pattern, the clear canine communication techniques, and will enable you to establish a clear and positive leadership position with your dog while eliminating any unwanted behaviours. 

We teach, and build on, techniques that will last you a lifetime and give you confidence to use them in any situation you are faced with. As an extra bonus once you know our K9 Techniques you can use them on any future dog you own as well.  Think about how much money you can save over your lifetime of owning dogs if you already knew how to effectively communicate with, and train, any dog you welcome into your family.  Plus you don't have to subscribe to training tips because I will teach you everything you need to know.

Discounted additional training sessions are also available if you wish to have further training sessions or maybe take your dog's training to an even more advanced off-leash level.   

All Essential Training Packages Include:


  • 4 Personal Essential Training Sessions at Your Home or in Public 
    • First Essential Training Session will be between 2-2½ hours duration and includes a Behavioural Consultation (could be split by request only,  however it will be more beneficial to you not to split if possible) 
    • 3 Subsequent Essential Training Sessions will be 1 hour duration each (sessions booked with at least 1 week in between)
  • Total of 5-5½ hours of Personal One-on-One Training where you get my full attention to focus on any specific behavioural concerns you have and answer your questions
  • New Leadership Obedience and Good Behaviour Shaping Techniques taught during each Essential Training Session.  Good Behaviour Shaping is tailored to your specific needs - you simply let me know what behaviours you want gone
  • A Client Reference Guide to help further explain the different Techniques and Exercises taught
  • Free On-going Support via Phone, Text or Email, without a time limit so you are always supported
  • Free Training Halter or Training Collar and matching 1.8m Plain Lead ($70.00 value) 
  • Chance to Win a $100 Animates Gift Voucher (scroll down to see our latest winner)
  • Lifetime Skill taught in return for a one-off investment - no additional subscriptions needed because you will learn how to train any dog you own, now or in the future, no matter their age, breed, size or behaviours
  • Certificate of Completion provided once you have completed your Essential Training Package 
  • Save $$$$ by not having to buy loads of treats during the (hopefully long) lifespan of your dog


Essential Training Package 1

- All Dogs Over 9 Months of Age
 $615.00 incl GST 


Essential Training Package 2

- Puppies Under 9 Months of Age 
  $590.00 incl GST  


Got 2 or more dogs at home who need training?  Ask me about our discounted rates


A $50.00 Non-Refundable Deposit is required to be paid within 5 Days of booking

Please Note:  I am more than happy to provide dog training services to all of Auckland and beyond however travel costs may apply to some suburbs.  Most areas of South and East Auckland and Papakura districts are covered.  Contact me to find out more.

Additional Training Sessions 

Once you have completed your Essential Training Package you can purchase additional training sessions at any time and at a reduced rate.  Use as a refresher session or build on Leadership Obedience and Good Behaviour Shaping exercises and techniques already taught, introduce new commands/rules/boundaries or take your Dog's training to a more advanced level including off-leash.  Also helps to get you back on track if you haven't been able to work with your dog as much as you would have hoped due to other life committments. 

1hr            $ 75.00  (incl GST)

Refer to our Client Referral page to find out how clients can get a FREE 1hr Training Session


Dog Accessories


We are proud to use and stock the following Black Dog Wear collars, leads and training halters.  These are also available for purchase at any time.  Please note prices include GST but exclude delivery costs (if applicable).


Training Halters - $38.50 each - Neck sizes:  Mini (24-35cm); Small (27-37cm); Medium (35-52cm); Large (43-68cm); Extra Large (58-94cm)

Training Collars- $38.50 each - Neck sizes:  Mini (24-35cm); Small (29-39cm); Medium (35-43cm); Large (40-50cm); Extra Large (49-68cm)

Agility/Flyball Collars - $30.00 each - Neck sizes:  Small (30-42cm); Regular (42-60cm)

1.8m Plain Leads - $31.50 each - The ideal training length especially when paired with a Training Halter

1.8m Stainless Steel Clip Leads - $34.50 each - Same length and quality as a Plain Lead but with a Stainless Steel Snap Hook Clip it's perfect for dogs who like to spend time by the sea

5m Long Leads - $38.00 each - Extra long 5 metre leads to give your dog freedom while still being under control (black only)


Due to popular colour preferences we currently stock above in the following colours:  Blue  Red  Black but can also source in:  Pink  Purple  Green  Orange


If there are other Black Dog Wear accessories you would like that we do not stock please ask as we are happy to provide you a quote and source them for you.  The full product range of Black Dog Wear accessories can be found at www.blackdog.net.au

Reward Your Dog For It's Improved Behaviour On Us


Animates_-_Frankie.jpgAt K9 Techniques we don't use treats as part of our training methods but we think it's great to be able to spoil your dog or puppy for it's improved behaviour and just because you love them.  So for...

Every Training Session* you will go into the Quarterly Draw to WIN

 $100 Animates Gift Voucher

One entry per dog, per session - that's at least 4 chances per Essential Training Package                          * Excludes Free Sessions Awarded or Gifted for Client Referrals


Last Draw:

Winner Drawn 3 April 2024

Congratulations to Emma & Tom and their dog Frankie (pictured)


Next Draw:  Monday 1 July 2024