A sincere Thank You to everyone who has taken time to share their experience with others.  We have received so many testimonials that we have had to limit how many we display.  If your referral is no longer listed please do not take it that I didn't value what you wrote because that is not the case - I am truly grateful for every single one received.  Below you can read the last 30 received Smile


Read what some of our clients have said... (Please note Surnames are excluded for security reasons)

Lotti_Kruchio-Horvath_2.jpg"We would like to thank Amanda for her professionalism and warmly recommend her to all dog owners who would like to improve their dog's behaviour and leadership obedience.  I came to Amanda because of my 3 year old border collie who had fear aggression and was reactive.  We learnt very quickly the techniques that Amanda works with and in a few days it was very easy to use with any problem or just praise.  I found the course very useful.  Amanda was very flexibile with the fact that we sometimes missed two months because we were out of town, but this did not affect the results.  It's fantastic that she doesn't leave us alone after the course, and responds to any request quickly and efficiently during the course and afterwards.  I'm glad that we chose K9 Techniques. Thank you Amanda!"

Lotti & Family - Henderson  

Frankie_Howie.jpg"We are so thankful for everything Amanda taught us, we have been able to build a great bond with Frankie through the training.  Amanda used clear and effective techniques that we use all the time.  It's like we have a different dog!  We now love taking her for walks, and trips to the pub!"

Emma & Tom - Sandringham  

Pic_Withheld.jpg"Amanda is an amazing dog trainer. Each session had a specific focus that we worked on, the questions I asked during this time were answered by Amanda with a great deal of thought and were related specifically to my dog. The training methods were easy to follow, made a lot of sense and were enjoyed by both the owner and dog. After each session Amanda gave me detailed notes so I now have a file that I can refer to. I would certainly recommend you contact Amanda if you need her assistance because she has a genuine heart to support your concerns with the needs of your special companion."

Karen - Botany Downs  

Sunshine_Sanderson_2.jpg"We had an excellent experience with 'K9 Techniques' for Sunshine, our much-loved but somewhat misbehaving Golden Retriever.  Amanda made a significant difference in Sundhine's behavour, particularly in shaping good behaviour and obedience.  She also helped us understant how our behaviour choices and commands can support Sunshine to be her best self.  Sunshine is now confident on the lead and follows basic instructions.  Amanda's approach, which involved working with all family members, was an excellent investment.  We highly recommend her services"

Lisa & Family - Onehunga  

Kura_Taniwha.jpg"Kia ora Amanda.  I am so grateful we decided to choose you as our trainer.  We are amazed at how quickly Kura picked up the commands and the awesome discipline which was not what I imagined, but now we know it all works in her best interest and our own. I knew Kura loved me and would protect me, but I also knew she didn't respect me.  But now she not only turns her ears on, but she looks forward to a training session and clearly understands the commands with ease."

Cecelia & Terry - Hill Park  

Mika_Lockwood.jpg"Can't thank Amanda enough for the techniques she has shown us to help with Mika's training.  We have already seen a massive improvement in her behaviour and we are going to make sure we keep building on this everyday so Mika will be a well behaved doggie that we are comfortable to take anywhere."

Pat & Steve - Howick  

Read more from our clients after this offer....

Client Referral Offer....

At K9 Techniques we appreciate how valuable word of mouth referrals are so we are happy to offer any existing client a FREE* 1 hour training/refresher session when you refer us to family, friends or acquaintances once they have completed their first Essential Training Session and have committed to one of our training packages.

This is just our simple way of saying:


Alternatively if clients feel they don't have the need to use the 1 hour training session themselves they can 'gift' the session instead.  All gifted sessions will be allocated to another client, at my discretion, who typically has a rescue dog that needs extra training and support due to any previous harm or abuse it may have suffered.

* Travel/mileage costs may apply in some instances


Continue reading what some of our clients have said...

Douglas_Samuel.jpg"Cannot recommend Amanda enough, her trainings are well thought out, fun, educational and the best part is seeing results right from the first session.  Her trainings really helped build the bond between my fur baby and I + we had fun implementing the techniques we learnt by turning them into games and we still use these a year later.  My good boy definitely became the best boy after these trainings, he is much more calm, makes better choices, and we have a very collaborative relationship.  Douglas is a GSD/Husky and has grown to be a 50kg of pure muscle, handling him on lead is a breeze now and his recall is fantastic thanks to this training.  Thanks heaps Amanda!"

Nakita - Pakuranga  

Evie_McKay.jpg"I can't recommend Amanda and K9 Techniques high enough.  When our son was born, our original (fur)baby's attention-seeking behaviour was becoming a huge issue.  We sought Amanda's help and couldn't be happier with that decision.  Amanda is a fantastic trainer and the training was fully tailored to what we needed.  The techniques we were taught helped my husband and I to create a happy home environment for baby and dog.  As a result our dog is much calmer and happier...and so are we!"

Eleanor & Patrick - Henderson  

Pickles_Tetley.jpg"Thank you Amanda for your professional and supportive work with us and Pickles.  We feel really confident about how to continue training him.  He is already after the training lessons responding really well.  We have, thanks to you and your techniques, a way forward for any future behaviour shaping and obedience that needs to be done.  Knowing that we can contact you for ongoing support is a real plus.  Take care and thanks again"

Sue & Pat - Waiau Pa  

Coco_Donaldson.jpg"Amanda's training has been a game changer for us and Coco.  We could see a massive difference after just one session.  Numerous times friends and family have commented on the behaviour improvement of Coco and we can now be more relaxed when people visit or we take Coco out.  I can't recommend Amanda and K9 Techniques highly enough!"

Aaron & Samantha - Beachlands   

Hazel__Olive_Smith.jpg"We've tried a few different styles over the years and have found Amanda and the way she trains to be the most enjoyable and successful.  We especially love the fact there's no treats involved! I would never have believed that would work!!  Our dogs were both rescues with issues.  We were losing our confidence and enjoyment in having them, especially in public.  After 4 sessions with Amanda and practicing at home, we feel we now have the tools to handle any situation.  And are back to loving having them in our family and going on off-lead walks.  We couldn't recommend her enough :)"

Shelley & Stevie - Mt Wellington   

Roxy_Boone-Tetley.jpg"Hi Amanda.  We just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us with training Roxy.  It was a real pleasure working with you and we're really happy to see your techniques help shape a more responsive and relaxed pet.  We really appreciated how you understood Roxy's needs very quickly, particularly the fact that she's a sensitive/ anxious dog that's not too fond of change.  The care you took, in getting to know her and making her feel comfortable was wonderful.  It's been fantastic for us to see her responding to the training, enjoying the boundaries we've put in place and responding to everyday situations with more confidence and less reactivity.  Situations we used to shy away from, we now see as a fantastic training opportunity and Roxy is enjoying being out and about much more because of it!  Thank you again."

Wendy & Stu - Mt Albert  

Whiskey_Jones_2.jpg"Thank you very much for everything we have learnt over each training session with you.  Definitely been a massive learning experience I think mainly for us (the owners).  We are continuing to use the techniques learnt every single day and keep seeing improvements constantly with Whiskey.  We know this is just the beginning and look forward to seeing what we achieve.  Just an update as well Whiskey is responding very well to the heel training and we are finding he really enjoys having a purpose during our walks."

Trent & Carson - Mt Wellington  

Kahu_Bowes.jpg"Thank you Amanda!  So glad I found you on google!!  We can see the difference in Kahu and the way he is with the girls so thank you."

Claire - Kingseat  

Rimix_Nevin.jpg"We have been so delighted with the training, it has completely shifted the relationship with our dog to a new level.  I understand him in a new way and we are celebrating our successes, which are now starting to become more frequent Smile The training was delivered in a clear and positive way and at all times we felt really supported by you.  I am absolutely committed to these techniques - the changes have been so quick to see.  Thanks again & very best regards."

Belinda - Farm Cove

Bentley_McLeay_2.jpg"If you want to learn simple, super quick and effective training techniques that bring immediate results and don't require you to have bucket loads of treats on hand, contact Amanda."

Sheelagh - Ardmore  

Winnie_Barnard.jpg"Do not hesitate, K9 Techniques truly is life changing. We have just completed our K9 Techniques training and can honestly say it has been life changing.  After taking on the care of our daughters dog we needed to learn how to read, communicate and lead with confidence.  Amanda has given us this.  We saw a remarkable transformation after the first session alone.  We are so excited to learn and apply all the magic (it truly is) thereafter.  Amanda is just amazing; professional, extremely knowledgeable, an excellent communicator (in all ways), and a true dog/person whisperer.  We are forever grateful.  We highly recommend Amanda, K9 Techniques."

Lue & Julian - Maraetai  

Bodhi_Rhodes.jpg"Happy to recommend K9 Techniques.  I am so much happier walking my one year old border terrier.  Bodhi has become more manageable and as a first dog owner the techniques I am now using make life a lot easier.  Thanks Amanda."

Diane - Pukekohe   

Arlo_Hurrell_2.jpg"Amanda worked miracles with our exuberant Vizsla Arlo!  Our training was delayed due to lockdown and I was starting to despair that our adorable but chaotic puppy was untrainable.... There was immediate progress from the first session, and each was customised to our specific issues.  We have made massive strides, so appreciate Amanda's support and could not recommend her more highly."

Michelle & Arlo - Westmere  

Jynx_Bigus.jpg"Even if you think you don't need dog (and human) training, you probably do.  We've had lots of dog training over the decades and we like Amanda's approach the best....by far.  We learned so much with Amanda: she's an exceptional and kind trainer.  All her techniques are the basis for a well-behaved, calm and happy animal."

Cheryl & Ed - Totara Park  

Ziggy__Charlie_Forster.jpg"Amanda was great to work with!  She is very knowledgeable and is a calm, patient teacher.  We are really grateful for the techniques she has taught us and were encouraged by the improvements we saw in a short space of time.  We know this is only the beginning of the road but, after the four sessions, we have gained the confidence and knowledge to continue on our journey.  It's also reassuring that Amanda is only ever a phone call or email away if we need her."

Claire & Alistair - Mt Wellington  

Cooper__Chloe_Goldsbro.jpg"I want to thank you again for taking the time to work with our two dogs.  Having a rescue dog came with its own challenges and we were at the end of our tether, with no idea what to do to stop the disruption in our household.  The training you provided is very practical and easy to follow.  As long as we remain consistent we will continue improving.  You have restored our faith that nothing is lost and yes you can teach an old dog new tricks!  Thanks again."

Sandy & Andrew - Beachlands  

Joey_Lewis-Carr.jpg"We can't thank Amanda enough, she's really helped support us with our dog Joey.  Let's just say it used to be Joey's world and myself and my partner were just living in it!  Thanks to Amanda, Joey only gets on the sofa and goes in certain areas of the house now when given permission, we can take her out and she'll happily sit while we're out at a cafe.  Joey's most difficult behaviour for us was how reactive she was to other dogs that barked at her, thanks to Amanda we no longer panic when we see another dog approaching us.  We are now able to walk past other dogs and Joey very rarely reacts now thanks to Amanda.  Even if Joey does react (which is rare) Amanda has given us the tools to deal with it.  We are better and more confident dog owners thanks to Amanda.  Furthermore, it is really reassuring to know that Amanda is there to help us when we have any questions and she always provides detailed written instructions of each session too.  Thank you."

Kate & Lesley - Totara Heights  

Ninja_Kumar_4.jpg"Highly recommend Amanda and K9 Techniques Ltd.  Amazing and patient trainer.  Very knowledgeable and understanding and more than happy to answer questions and help even after we have finished our training.  We have noticed a HUGE change in our dog with the help of Amanda's techniques. A+++"

Zaid & Christine - Papatoetoe  

Frankie__Sylvie_Godfrey-Fitzgerald_2.jpgWe have been RAVING to anyone who will listen about Amanda from K9 Techniques Ltd.  She is just incredible.  We are seeing such amazing changes in our doggos.  I originally contacted Amanda in tears because Frankie the Spoodle felt that he needed to protect his family by being overly aggressive to other dogs and was starting to lunge and bite at them.  We were worried he was going to be taken away from us and put down.  Amanda sorted this out for us in ONE SESSION... he's now a relaxed little dude who can happily play with other dogs at the beach and park.  Sylvie the Whippet has ruled the house as her Majesty the Queen from the moment she arrived.  She is now learning some great manners and things that, as a whimsical and rule-ignoring whippet, we thought she would never be able to do.  Thank you Amanda for all of your doggy wisdom and help and for whipping us humans into shape as well.  The three month waiting list was 100% worth it!"

Lauren - Point Chevalier  

Migo_Kenihan.jpg"Before coming to Amanda, our puppy Migo didn't know how to flip his on switch, off.  He was unable to calm himself down from hyperactivity and would have to be crated for him to have a nap.  Amongst this, we had issues with him jumping on people, furniture, or to grab something off the bench, him chewing furniture etc.  Throughout the 5 sessions we had with Amanda, I honestly think she swapped our dog out with a different one. His jumping on people has stopped, you can even see him trying so hard to contain his excitement when people come in - to make sure he sticks to his rules.  He now flops on the ground to go to take a nap and is content to do so.  Training with Amanda has meant that Migo has actually earned himself more freedoms.  He's allowed on furniture and beds when we invite him, which is something we weren't able to do before as he couldn't relax and stay calm.  We're able to leave him playing in the rain, knowing he's respect boundaries so we can clean him off before coming inside.  We're also able to leave him playing with his toys whilst we leave the room, knowing the furniture is safe from chewing.  It was definitely hard work training ourselves and our dog but so worth it.  Migo's done a complete 180 since training and we would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone!"

Paulette - Greenlane  

Zeus_Harris.jpg"So proud of how far we have come since starting our training with K9 Techniques Ltd.  The boisterous boy that used to try to rule us is now an absolute dream to walk and we cannot wait to have the recall command (that we are now working on) mastered so we can feel confident taking him places to meet other dogs.  Zeus is a completely different dog after implementing the knowledge that Amanda has shared with us. Can't thank her enough!"

Nicole & Jason - Opaheke  

Bruno_Mukunth.jpg"Thanks to Amanda for the effective training technique which has worked so well with Bruno.  Being the first time dog owners we were unsure of how to train our puppy but we are extremely glad to have contacted Amanda.  Her training method is simple to use but it's very effective.  Amanda is highly professional in her approach and we highly recommend the training method to other dog owners."

Krish & Priya - Howick  

Moose_Budgen.jpg"Thanks Amanda.  Our training has had such an impact on everyone.  A big tick in the books is the fact I am able to walk our boy without my shoulder being torn off.  I've found that I have more of a connection with our boy and being able to take him out by myself is something I actually look forward to doing rather than it being a chore.  One happy family here."

Sarah - Papakura  

Douglas_MacDonald_2.jpg"We asked Amanda to help us with our Border Terrier, Douglas, as friends had had success with her programme and we were struggling with not knowing how to manage some of his behaviours.  She came to our house on four seperate occasions and the programme couldn't have been better.  Amanda is knowledgable, friendly, an absolute professional and was happy to answer questions at any time between sessions.  We really enjoyed her visits, had a lot of laughs together and for the first time in Douglas' life we can enjoy his company without worrying about misbehaviour.  We would recommend Amanda and her K9 Techniques programme without hesitation to anyone wanting a more enjoyable relationship with their dog.  Thanks Amanda!"

Douglas & Family - Devonport