Read what some of our clients have said... (Please note Surnames are excluded for security reasons)

Bentley_McLeay_2.jpg"If you want to learn simple, super quick and effective training techniques that bring immediate results and don't require you to have bucket loads of treats on hand, contact Amanda."

Sheelagh - Ardmore  

Winnie_Barnard.jpg"Do not hesitate, K9 Techniques truly is life changing. We have just completed our K9 Techniques training and can honestly say it has been life changing.  After taking on the care of our daughters dog we needed to learn how to read, communicate and lead with confidence.  Amanda has given us this.  We saw a remarkable transformation after the first session alone.  We are so excited to learn and apply all the magic (it truly is) thereafter.  Amanda is just amazing; professional, extremely knowledgeable, an excellent communicator (in all ways), and a true dog/person whisperer.  We are forever grateful.  We highly recommend Amanda, K9 Techniques."

Lue & Julian - Maraetai  

Bodhi_Rhodes.jpg"Happy to recommend K9 Techniques.  I am so much happier walking my one year old border terrier.  Bodhi has become more manageable and as a first dog owner the techniques I am now using make life a lot easier.  Thanks Amanda."

Diane - Pukekohe   

Arlo_Hurrell_2.jpg"Amanda worked miracles with our exuberant Vizsla Arlo!  Our training was delayed due to lockdown and I was starting to despair that our adorable but chaotic puppy was untrainable.... There was immediate progress from the first session, and each was customised to our specific issues.  We have made massive strides, so appreciate Amanda's support and could not recommend her more highly."

Michelle & Arlo - Westmere  

Jynx_Bigus.jpg"Even if you think you don't need dog (and human) training, you probably do.  We've had lots of dog training over the decades and we like Amanda's approach the far.  We learned so much with Amanda: she's an exceptional and kind trainer.  All her techniques are the basis for a well-behaved, calm and happy animal."

Cheryl & Ed - Totara Park  

Ziggy__Charlie_Forster.jpg"Amanda was great to work with!  She is very knowledgeable and is a calm, patient teacher.  We are really grateful for the techniques she has taught us and were encouraged by the improvements we saw in a short space of time.  We know this is only the beginning of the road but, after the four sessions, we have gained the confidence and knowledge to continue on our journey.  It's also reassuring that Amanda is only ever a phone call or email away if we need her."

Claire & Alistair - Mt Wellington  

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Client Referral Offer....

At K9 Techniques we appreciate how valuable word of mouth referrals are so we are happy to offer any existing client a FREE* 1 hour training/refresher session when you refer us to family, friends or acquaintances once they have completed their first Essential Training Session and have committed to one of our training packages.

This is just our simple way of saying:


Alternatively if clients feel they don't have the need to use the 1 hour training session themselves they can 'gift' the session instead.  All gifted sessions will be allocated to another client, at my discretion, who typically has a rescue dog that needs extra training and support due to any previous harm or abuse it may have suffered.

* Travel/mileage costs may apply in some instances

Cooper__Chloe_Goldsbro.jpg"I want to thank you again for taking the time to work with our two dogs.  Having a rescue dog came with its own challenges and we were at the end of our tether, with no idea what to do to stop the disruption in our household.  The training you provided is very practical and easy to follow.  As long as we remain consistent we will continue improving.  You have restored our faith that nothing is lost and yes you can teach an old dog new tricks!  Thanks again."

Sandy & Andrew - Beachlands  


Continue reading what some of our clients have said...

Joey_Lewis-Carr.jpg"We can't thank Amanda enough, she's really helped support us with our dog Joey.  Let's just say it used to be Joey's world and myself and my partner were just living in it!  Thanks to Amanda, Joey only gets on the sofa and goes in certain areas of the house now when given permission, we can take her out and she'll happily sit while we're out at a cafe.  Joey's most difficult behaviour for us was how reactive she was to other dogs that barked at her, thanks to Amanda we no longer panic when we see another dog approaching us.  We are now able to walk past other dogs and Joey very rarely reacts now thanks to Amanda.  Even if Joey does react (which is rare) Amanda has given us the tools to deal with it.  We are better and more confident dog owners thanks to Amanda.  Furthermore, it is really reassuring to know that Amanda is there to help us when we have any questions and she always provides detailed written instructions of each session too.  Thank you."

Kate & Lesley - Totara Heights  

Ninja_Kumar_4.jpg"Highly recommend Amanda and K9 Techniques Ltd.  Amazing and patient trainer.  Very knowledgeable and understanding and more than happy to answer questions and help even after we have finished our training.  We have noticed a HUGE change in our dog with the help of Amanda's techniques. A+++"

Zaid & Christine - Papatoetoe  

Frankie__Sylvie_Godfrey-Fitzgerald_2.jpgWe have been RAVING to anyone who will listen about Amanda from K9 Techniques Ltd.  She is just incredible.  We are seeing such amazing changes in our doggos.  I originally contacted Amanda in tears because Frankie the Spoodle felt that he needed to protect his family by being overly aggressive to other dogs and was starting to lunge and bite at them.  We were worried he was going to be taken away from us and put down.  Amanda sorted this out for us in ONE SESSION... he's now a relaxed little dude who can happily play with other dogs at the beach and park.  Sylvie the Whippet has ruled the house as her Majesty the Queen from the moment she arrived.  She is now learning some great manners and things that, as a whimsical and rule-ignoring whippet, we thought she would never be able to do.  Thank you Amanda for all of your doggy wisdom and help and for whipping us humans into shape as well.  The three month waiting list was 100% worth it!"

Lauren - Point Chevalier  

Migo_Kenihan.jpg"Before coming to Amanda, our puppy Migo didn't know how to flip his on switch, off.  He was unable to calm himself down from hyperactivity and would have to be crated for him to have a nap.  Amongst this, we had issues with him jumping on people, furniture, or to grab something off the bench, him chewing furniture etc.  Throughout the 5 sessions we had with Amanda, I honestly think she swapped our dog out with a different one. His jumping on people has stopped, you can even see him trying so hard to contain his excitement when people come in - to make sure he sticks to his rules.  He now flops on the ground to go to take a nap and is content to do so.  Training with Amanda has meant that Migo has actually earned himself more freedoms.  He's allowed on furniture and beds when we invite him, which is something we weren't able to do before as he couldn't relax and stay calm.  We're able to leave him playing in the rain, knowing he's respect boundaries so we can clean him off before coming inside.  We're also able to leave him playing with his toys whilst we leave the room, knowing the furniture is safe from chewing.  It was definitely hard work training ourselves and our dog but so worth it.  Migo's done a complete 180 since training and we would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone!"

Paulette - Greenlane  

Zeus_Harris.jpg"So proud of how far we have come since starting our training with K9 Techniques Ltd.  The boisterous boy that used to try to rule us is now an absolute dream to walk and we cannot wait to have the recall command (that we are now working on) mastered so we can feel confident taking him places to meet other dogs.  Zeus is a completely different dog after implementing the knowledge that Amanda has shared with us. Can't thank her enough!"

Nicole & Jason - Opaheke  

Bruno_Mukunth.jpg"Thanks to Amanda for the effective training technique which has worked so well with Bruno.  Being the first time dog owners we were unsure of how to train our puppy but we are extremely glad to have contacted Amanda.  Her training method is simple to use but it's very effective.  Amanda is highly professional in her approach and we highly recommend the training method to other dog owners."

Krish & Priya - Howick  

Moose_Budgen.jpg"Thanks Amanda.  Our training has had such an impact on everyone.  A big tick in the books is the fact I am able to walk our boy without my shoulder being torn off.  I've found that I have more of a connection with our boy and being able to take him out by myself is something I actually look forward to doing rather than it being a chore.  One happy family here."

Sarah - Papakura  

Douglas_MacDonald_2.jpg"We asked Amanda to help us with our Border Terrier, Douglas, as friends had had success with her programme and we were struggling with not knowing how to manage some of his behaviours.  She came to our house on four seperate occasions and the programme couldn't have been better.  Amanda is knowledgable, friendly, an absolute professional and was happy to answer questions at any time between sessions.  We really enjoyed her visits, had a lot of laughs together and for the first time in Douglas' life we can enjoy his company without worrying about misbehaviour.  We would recommend Amanda and her K9 Techniques programme without hesitation to anyone wanting a more enjoyable relationship with their dog.  Thanks Amanda!"

Douglas & Family - Devonport  

Zeus_Lauten_2.jpg"Really appreciate the training, effort and patience Amanda put in and had with me and my boy Zeus.   Definitely a life changing experience and I would 100% recommend Amanda for any situation you and your fur baby are in.  The training and guidance Amanda put us through and gave us was exceptional and I will forever be grateful for the changes in my boys behaviour.  Amanda is an amazing trainer as well as an amazing person that never judged me or my boy, just stuck by us and guided us in the right direction no matter the situation or the circumstance!"

Kido - Flat Bush  

Misha__Sasha_Liange.jpg"Thank you so much Amanda!!! for the life-changing support and guidance you have provided me through the essential training package for Sasha and Misha!!!  Previously I have trained with other trainers through board and train, one-on-one sessions and youtube videos - all of which continued my dog's unwanted behaviours mainly because the training was food-orientated of which Sasha isn't food motivated, and Misha was only reactive in my presence (he is not reactive in doggy daycare).  It's incredible to see my dog's unwanted behaviours of protectiveness/reactivity, barking/anixiety, and pulling on the lead, all significantly reduced after Amanda's K9 techniques (I'm still a work-in-progress in the training).  I can't thank you enough for making our lives more relaxed and enjoyable!!! so we can tackle any situation we come across.  Thank you so much Amanda from Diane, Sasha and Misha"

Diane - Flat Bush  

Fred_Boyd.jpg"We really enjoyed the training with Amanda and have learnt so much on how to get Fred doing what we need him to do and having polite manners all through our commands without treats or clickers, just through our voice.  Thank you for giving us the tools we need to train him.  Fred is much calmer and everyone is happier now we have a consistent approach.  Thanks again."

Justine - Glendowie  

Lyla_Cure.jpg"Amanda was great helping to get Lyla into shape.  Now its a pleasure to walk her and she doesn't have painted on ears.  Would recommend K9 Techniques."

Colleen - Beachlands   

Fischer_Gleye.jpgAs first time dog owners we would be the first to admit we had no idea what we were doing with our puppy Fischer.  Being a typical puppy, manners were not his strong suit, walking involved choking himself half to death in his excitement and there were no boundaries.  Working with Amanda is one of the best things we could have done and I would highly recommend to all new dog owners.  The techniques she has shown us are straight forward and effective.  The transformation has been remarkable and he is much happier and more settled."

Dianna & Jeremy - Northcote Point  

Bentley_Link.jpg"We never thought we would have a dog that heeled without being asked and would be so obedient to house rules.  K9 Techniques had our dog responding to commands within 30 minutes of training.  Incredible!  Would recommend to anybody for any level of dog training."

Desai & Veronika - Cockle Bay  

Blaze_Thompson.jpg"Our dog Blaze is full of life, which is great for our busy family, but he had ZERO manners!  We had struggled getting him to follow commands consistently (like sitting - he would do it for a second or two, but only till he got bored) and we could NEVER take him to kids sports or to a cafe - eeek no table manners!

Amanda is amazing.  He is a different dog.  He will now quite happily sit and stay till released, and has enjoyed several school rugby games and the odd hot chocolate.  Her techniques are so easy to follow and can be taken anywhere (no more relying on treat bags to go for a walk).  It was great family bonding with our teenage boys also as we all 'trained together', and now the rules are consistent.  We now all love our walks and outings with our new well mannered man!.  Thanks again Amanda.  You rock."

Amanda & Mark - Somerville  

Flash__Daisy_Strong.jpg"We are very pleased with the progress of our 2 Jack Russells since Amanda took us under her wing.  Amanda managed to get us all on the same page with regards to training the dogs.  She listened to what we wanted and was also responsive to the dogs - seeing when they were tired or had just had enough.  We are finding the daily practice easy to fit in and are looking forward to our advanced lesson on getting the dogs to walk to heel off the lead.  Money well spent.

Barbara & Noel - Kawakawa Bay  

Skye_Pradhan.jpg"Amanda is very professional and we highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer - although it was more us being trained to be fair.  Amanda's technique is unique but works very well and is much better than using treats, especially for our boy who loves food.  We are a new dog owner and never had a dog before but she provided us with the support we needed with our new family member "Skye".  Thanks Amanda for all your assistance."

Sanjay - Takanini  

Riley_Bramble.jpg"We just wanna say thank you so much again for giving us the tools to help us have a perfectly trained dog.  It makes us feel more confident about going forward with Riley and also when we get another dog as well.  Please do use this as our testimony as I'm sure so many people and dogs can benefit from your training techniques."

Craig, Tash & Riley - Tuakau  

Tui_Arthur.jpg"Amanda was referred to us by a friend with an incredibly well-behaved dog, and we are so glad we engaged her to work with us and our beautiful black lab Tui.  Amanda is calm, approachable, and clear in her guidance and directions - for both the humans and the dog!!  She is clearly a total dog lover and was incredible to watch how she could teach both Tui and her humans the techniques.  We couldn't believe the dfifference over the 4 sessions - amazing progress for everyone.  Thank you Amanda!  Highly recommended."

Jeremy & Allison - Herne Bay  

Dom_Brougham.jpg"Amanda is wonderful and we highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for assistance with dog training - although it was more us being trained to be fair.  Being new dog owners - she provided us with the support we needed to enjoy our new family member.  Her technique works and is so much healthier than using treats - especially for our puppy who just loves his food!!! Thank you Amanda you are such a blessing."

Janie - Dannemora  

Calix_Singh.jpg"The help we got from Amanda at K9 Techniques has been life changing, not just for us but also our puppy.  We got more than we bargained for when we got our pup but Amanda helped us bring some discipline into his life and he has been amazing since then.

She really goes into detail about her techniques and her knowledge is extremely useful.  We would highly recommend her for anyone who wants a better disciplined life for their pet and themselves as a pet owner."

Vikram - Flat Bush  


"With the tools Amanda gave us, Chico has become a calm and happy member of the family we love to be with."

Kate & Michael - Rothesay Bay  

Maverick_Leddy_2.jpg"We were amazed how quickly we could see results during the first training session with our White Swiss Shepherd, Maverick.  The knowledge Amanda has was informative and really opened our eyes in the best way possible.  We are very happy with his progress and would highly recommend Amanda and K9 Techniques!  Thanks Amanda!  Looking forward to more sessions with you."

Brooke & Brent - Pokeno  

Jet_Mullins.jpg"Thanks Amanda for all your help with Jet!  Our lab has always been a lovely dog, but didn't have his ears turned on.  We struggled with him for dominance as Alpha in our pack and, as we weren't always giving him consistent commands, he naturally took the lead in what he wanted to do.  Now we have the tools to help Jet do the right thing first time every time!  He is now a calm dog who has stopped pacing and mostly listens.  We still have some work to go, but we are so proud of him and ourselves for how far we have come!"

Sarah & Wade - Henderson  

Dougal_ONeill.jpg"The 'power of words' is amazing as we found out with the training of our Border Terrier Dougal.  Amanda is just so lovely, explaining everything about her training method which is so easy and works brilliantly.  We have a very happy wee pooch and equally more relaxed owners."

Chris - Albany  

Venus_Drew.jpg"Horrified when my beautiful poodle displayed some naughty and unwanted behaviour.  I was deperately in need of some help so who best to contact but Amanda of K9 Techniques, which was the best idea ever!  Amanda was patient and persevering with me (because I was the one who had to make the changes!!) and she helped me to understand a dog's cues and behaviour and how to change unwanted traits. 

I cannot recommend Amanda enough and feel that what she offered far exceeded my expectations!  You won't be disappointed but remember you are the one who decides what the outcome will be...."

Carol - Whitford  

Reggie_Paw.JPG"Hi 5 to Amanda for coming out and teaching us the skills we need to make our lives with our wee boy even more rewarding.  Reggie is not a small puppy and walking him was becoming hard work as he was constantly pulling.  It was getting to the stage where I didn't want to do it anymore and it was upsetting me.  Reggie was also very excitable when people came over and would jump up.  From then to where he is now, 6 weeks later, is amazing.  Our walking is stress free and he doesn't jump up so much anymore.  Still a little bit of work to do, especially for Mummy as I'm a bit of a softie and Reggie knows he can take advantage of me.  We highly recommend Amanda to anyone.  Thanks so much Amanda."

Natalie & Mathew - Goodwood Heights  

Lola_McLeod.jpgBlue_McLeod.jpg"I honestly could not believe the near instant change with my son's two dogs on the first day they met Amanda.  Amanda's technique is undeniably effective with consistency.  The difference with Lola barking in the car has improved dramatically & Blue is finally walking beside us and not pulling our arms out of their sockets.  I can't recommend K9 Techniques enough, this technique has changes our way of thinking and has improved our relationship with Blue & Lola.  Thank you Amanda."

Jacob & Robyn - Mt Wellington   

Tyson_Uhatafe.jpg"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful techniques and training offered to help my Tyson become the obedient dog I knew he could be.  I am amazed at his progress and how quickly he was able to pick up on the lessons taught without any treats or harsh treatment.  Your methods and training are a blessing to my family, we will continue to work with Tyson as advised and I know he will continue to grow and be a better well behaved and happier dog for it.  We are forever grateful and should we need any touch up lessons or further advice in the future I will not hesitate to contact you."

Maria - Papatoetoe  

Rover_Chib.jpg"We can't say enough good things about signing up Rover, our Lab puppy, for training with K9 Techniques.  Amanda is very knowledgeable, patient and a thorough professional.  Her training techniques are super simple yet wonderfully effective.  She equipped us with techniques (not treats!) to establish good behaviour habits and Rover learned quickly.  The best part was that Rover bonded really well with Amanda and always greeted her with abundant excitement! Thank you Amanda! We are so glad you finally met a Rover, and this particular Rover met you!"

Vaishali - Dannemora  

Barry_MacLean.jpg"We rescued our 18 month old huge Huntaway "Barry" from the mean streets of Wanganui 6 months ago, and while he has the sweetest nature, he completely lacked discipline and had the wild stubborn spirit of a stray who had to look after himself most of his life.  As an older dog, we were worried about how effectively we could train him.

Amanda did an incredible job, both with us & with Barry, in helping us build a trusted relationship, and understand his behaviour.  Using our voices meant we were able to get rid of "constant treating" and have a huge amount of confidence that we can help Barry learn over time.

The turnaround was fantastic, his separation anxiety has gone, he knows all his commands, and there's a very strong trust established between us.  The best thing about Amanda's training is that it's a tool that you can then take and use yourself over time to continue training and working with your dog.  She focuses on what you & your dog needs, rather than having a generic approach.  I couldn't recommend her more highly."

Malindi - Clevedon  

Walnut__Frankie_Finemore_3.jpg"To anyone wishing to find a dog trainer.... Amanda is your saviour!!  I was literally at breaking point with my Rottweiler (Frankie 5yrs) who has dog aggression and my Bulldog (Walnut 4yrs) who I thought was extremely dumb and untrainable.  The things I've learned with Amanda have changed my life.  Everything I did with the dogs was stressful.  Feeding time, walking, cuddles, cafe trips, friends houses etc.  This has all changed, I've literally cried tears of joy because I've finally gained control of my animals.  They still have a long way to go and are far from perfect but knowing that they will sit, stay, drop, come etc anywhere I want, at any time, with many distractions, is a game changer!  Knowing that my Rottie isn't going to launch and attack at every dog we see is just such a relief and knowing your Bulldog won't hurt himself chasing balls off cliffs because he'll stop mid run and come when called..... well hallelujah!  I highly recommend K9 Techniques to anyone and everyone!!!!"

Sophie - Belmont  

Barnie__Truffle_Geyer.jpg"Amanda helped us tremendously with a new pet who was struggling to settle amongst our other animals and playing up. The techniques she taught us to create boundaries benefited all our animals and went a long way to addressing some central issues we were having.  Amanda travelled a long way to help us and stayed in contact throughout the training and afterwards.  We would highly recommend her training to all dog owners."

Sandy - Gulf Harbour  

Nala_Davidson_2.jpg"Amanda and her K9 Techniques training is superb and we would be happy to recommend her to anyone.  Her training approach is one that is realistic and understands the unique situation of every dog and every family no two being the same - her experience and skill is obvious.  We thought our dog was past training, a very anxious and aggressive breed, and Amanda was able to show us just how willing our dog is to pleasing us humans."

Marama - Manurewa  

George_Nosova.jpg"We would highly recommend Amanda and her training program! She's been incredibly helpful and implemented many positive changes in our very stubborn and cheeky Amstaff :)  Thank you Amanda!"

Katya - Greenlane  

Gus__Moby_Lilly.jpg"I have to be honest and say I was a little bit skeptical about how successful Amanda's training would be with our 2 boys Gus & Moby.  Four year old border collie/lab crosses from the same litter, they are wonderful dogs but had a few things we hoped to change.  Like running out of the property, barking at other dogs when we were in the car, and lead dragging.  When I first phoned Amanda, I remember her saying how you can create invisible boundaries and I thought, fantastic, but I can't see that working. How wrong was I??  We are so happy with the training and how brilliantly it works for our boys.  We cannot recommend her more highly."

Cheryl - Bombay  

Jimmy_Pelawatte.jpg"From the first call I made to Amanda to check on training for my puppy I was confident that she will be the best choice.  Even before signing up she took a lot of time on our first call to get to know my situation and get to know about my puppy.  From our first session I could see progress in my puppy.  Amanda's dog Oreo is proof of how effective her training techniques are.  I am so grateful to K9 Techniques for this and would highly recommend Amanda to anyone.  Thank you Amanda!"

Ruvini - Golflands  

Gummy_Chong.jpg"Would definitely recommend K9 Techniques to everyone with a lil puppy!  Very insightful, we learned so much!"

Kimberly & Nicholas - Mt Wellington  

Moki_Jones-Crouch.jpg"Before beginning training with Amanda our dog Moki was easily excitable and hard to control when he was excited.  We were finding it really overwhelming and didn't know what to do with him to get him to behave.  He would pull on the lead while walking and jump up on people all the time and run inside the house as he pleased which made a daily mess.  Now he is a lot more chilled out and easy to control even when he is excited.  He knows his boundaries in the house and with people and walks happily beside us on the lead. 

It has let us be a lot more confident and relaxed around him and overall made everyone much happier."

Simon & Gemma - Waiuku  

Zeus_Earl-Peacock.jpg"We would like to thank Amanda for all the work she has done with helping us with Zeus.  When she arrived we were literally at our wits end with our pocket rocket "Zeus" and thinking we would never have any control over him.  We were even considering returning him to his breeder!  He had had puppy training to no avail.  However, after one sessions with Amanda we saw huge improvement and now after four sessions he is much better,  controlled and is a more relaxed, happier dog and much happier owners as well!

We can't thank you enough Amanda and I am more than happy to recommend you to any future clients.

Sally - Conifer Grove  

Alfie_Meuli.jpg"Happy to say that Alfie "Creamcakes" is no longer getting away with his bad behaviours, in fact he is so much more well behaved.  That's thanks and all praise to you Amanda and your specialist K9 Techniques that you taught us.  Yes we still have moments with this little chap, but now that you've spent so much time with us you can understand how this little guy climbs right inside your heart and then tries his best to take over.  From two very satisfied clients we just want to say thank you (secretly Alfie says Thanks too!!)"

Josie & Neil - Three Kings  

Moose_French.jpg"Hi Amanda.  Moose is doing great.  We are using your techniques every day to some extent and his ears are pretty much turned on all the time.  We had to take him to the vet for a check up and he was amazing.  Calm and in the down position until called in.  Was a very positive experience.  We have also made great progress with being close to the cat!  My 7 year old granddaughter also took him for a walk on the lead and he did not pull at all.  Thank you once again for the work you did with all of us.  It was a truly great experience."

Kelley & Karl - Pukekohe  

Sadie_Clarke.jpg"Hi Amanda.  I would like to say a big thank you for all your wonderful training techniques you have taught me and Sadie.  She has become much more settled and happy because you have taught me the skills to be confident with her.  I still have a long way to go so don't be surprised if I have to see you again.  Thanks again."

Michelle - Mt Roskill  

Barney_Kehoe.jpg"Just had our first training session at home and our dog Barney is happily exhausted.  It was a wonderful session and we are hopeful that we have found the right training to help this 8 month old strong willed bundle of energy become a well behaved member of our family! Many thanks Amanda."

Helen - Orewa  

Milo_Xu.jpg"Thanks Amanda for helping our hard-training Beagle.  Never thought she could listen to us and follow our instruction like now.  But still much more & consistent training needs to be done in a long term period. Thanks again for letting us know what's the good relationship with our dog which is the most important learning I think."

Cheryl - Botany  

Dau_Dau_Huang.jpg"Whoever said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks has not met Amanda. We are so glad that we found her and with her techniques we have a very different 10 year old dog!  It takes a lot more work and consistency around the training but many of our friends and family have noticed the difference as well - they get surprised at how calm and quiet our dog is.  Thank you Amanda!"

Rebecca & Freeman - Pakuranga Heights  

Indi_Smith.jpg"Amanda worked absolute wonders with our very stubborn British Bulldog Indie...thanks for teaching us the skills to steer our girl away from naughty habits...would absolutely recommend to all."

Charmaine - Beachlands  

Holly_Dunning.jpg"A BIG thank you from us & Holly for the last 5 weeks of K9 Techniques.  Being able to come to our home, as well as the local beaches, (looking for dogs) as well as bringing your dog Oreo, has been a great help, especially as every dog that Holly saw she tried to eat, but Oreo had great patience.  Anne & I have learnt a lot & are now very obedient, while Holly is a work in progress and we will definitely keep up her training.  Thank you for traveling so far for our sessions, we really appreciate it."

Gill & Anne - Arkles Bay  

Melo_Lear.jpg"I can honestly say Melo is now a different dog.  She licks a lot less, she knows exactly what to do when strangers come around, and no pulling when out walking.  We are now able to put her in the corner of the lounge when we entertain guests while including her in the action.  She slips into her bad habits from time to time because we are not 100% consistent, but we are working on it and it's getting so much better! 

Once again thank you very much Amanda, we made the right decision in contacting you."

Chloe - St Heliers  

Bailey_Baker.jpg"Amanda's training has been awesome.  It was great fun, simple, super effective and importantly, didn't involve food.  Bailey responded immediately.  Her behaviour has transformed and she is very excited at being so clever!  Amanda is professional, positive and caring.  I completely and thoroughly recommend her."

Jan - Karaka  

Saint__Murphy_Kenihan-Sackree.jpg"I couldn't recommend Amanda highly enough, she has brought so much order to our chaotic puppies lives, it's amazing.  She has trained us to handle them confidently and we feel we can reach any goals we set for them if we put in use the K9 Techniques she has taught us.  I had been very scared to walk and meet other dogs in the park, worried about my dogs barking & how they would handle meeting other dogs; and therefore me handling them too.... I can now say I can take both dogs on my own in the park, no problem meeting other dogs, they have become so well behaved and although still 'puppy excited' they don't bark or jump.  The training lead is also something I feel does definitely put them into 'work mode' and they listen and behave with ease.  Thank you so much for all you have done for us, along with being a truly lovely person it's been a real pleasure to not only have you train us but to have made a lovely friend.  Thanks so much for everything, look forward to your park sessions to come."

Antoinette - Clevedon  

Brax_Kloppers.jpg"Amanda provided us with some amazing tools to help Mr Brax with his excitement levels. One of our goals was to take him with us to a cafe without whining (he loves the Staffy talk) and within just a few weeks we were able to have a very enjoyable cafe whining at all!!  Amanda was flexible with training dates and times and provided support through text messages and phone calls whenever we needed support outside of the sessions."

Suzaan - Botany Downs  

Daisy_Cox.jpg"I would highly recommend Amanda without hesitation, the results in 5 weeks have honestly been remarkable.  The shift in my dog is incredible, she is much more calmer and content within herself and so much more obedient and I look forward to building on what Amanda has taught us.  If you're looking for a dog trainer look no further, the success so far is way beyond what I ever thought possible."

Nesta - Stonefields  

Nala_Keown-Bates.jpg"Our dog Nala has issues with fear aggression and this is why we contacted Amanda.  The key for us was communicating effectively with Nala to show her that we are in control and Amanda gave us the tools to do that.  We love that there are no treats or clickers involved so you can use her techniques anytime necessary.  Nala has responded very well to the training and we feel equipped to deal with situations as they arise, whereas previous crossing the street to avoid other dogs was the norm.  Thank you so much Amanda!"

Gracie - Northcote Point  

Toby_Sinclair.jpg"I have very much enjoyed the K9 training days with Amanda at my home.  My little dog (Schnauzer) has become a real Joy because of the training and is so much easier to control.  He is now 7.5 months old and I find that he seems to be happier and has a real understanding of what I am wanting him to do.  Thank you so much Amanda, I would recommend K9 Techniques to anyone."

Jan - Kawakawa Bay  

Diesel__Reia_Britton.jpg"Amanda is incredible.  Helped me with my 2 dogs and the results have far exceeded my expectations!  Thank you so much for your time and efforts.  I am so thrilled with my new found love for my dogs and how training this way is so rewarding for dog and owner!!  Highly recommend."

Kyleigh - Kaukapakapa  

Matilda__Toby_Boyle_2.jpg"Hi Amanda. Thought I would give you a little update on our girl Matilda.  We got you in to work with us in 2016 because Matilda was aggressive to strangers, aggressive with other dogs and very attached/protective of me.  We loved the training we did with you and found it very helpful in helping Matilda feel more comfortable.  She was still rather unsociable with other dogs especially small, cute, fluffy ones, but was much better with people.

Over the last 2 years (since our course with you) we have tried to keep up the work you did however we are not saints and have let a few things slip.  I think a testament to the amazing results of your training can be seen in the photo I have attached.  Even though we let a few things slide we finally got to the point where we felt comfortable enough to grant our daughters wish of having a small puppy.  We introduced wee Toby to our family two weeks ago and yes we are using the communication techniques constantly but Matilda is accepting him.  Thank You!"

Jodie - Ardmore  

Susie_Kemp.jpg"We have certainly felt that we got our money's worth when we had Amanda to come and teach us the way to train our 4 year old Bichon.  Susie now knows when we mean business and we are able to teach her what is acceptable and what is not.  Amanda's patience with the owners is remarkable, one expects patience with the dogs, which she has in abundance.  We can now say "we had better correct this behaviour" instead of "oh dear how do we stop Susie doing that?"  Having a method to correct our Susie is so good so "thank you" Amanda, you are great!"

Christine & Michael - Te Kauwhata  

Hugo_Ngo.jpg"The all Essential Training with Amanda from K9 Techniques was a godsend for us!  Our 1 year old Husky was constantly chasing the cat and we weren't sure if they could ever get along due to his prey drive.  We could honestly see the improvement on his behaviour after the first session.  It is 100% easier to take our dog out in public and not having to worry that he will misbehave & our cat is no longer afraid to be around him.  Thank you thank you thank you x1000 times.  It's worth the investment for your fur baby! Do it!!  Thanks again Amanda."

Cc & Sean - Mt Wellington  

Milou_Salisbury.jpg"We had so much success from our training sessions with Amanda.  We saw results immediately, and are blown away by how well our dog has responded to the training sessions.  Our dog is now calmer, quieter, and much better behaved.  We were sitting with the blinds downs due to her barking and jumping on the windows, but now she lies quietly, and we have the blinds up everyday.  And finally I have clean windows!!"

Kirsty - Beachlands  

Jessie_Chelsey__Skyla_Pio_2.jpg"I cannot thank you enough Amanda for the lifelong skills you've taught us (my dogs and mostly ME).  I have 3 very stubborn dogs with their own personalities and everyday was a challenge.  Now - walking is easier, feeding time is less chaotic and much more ordered and they sit before crossing the road to name a few!  All of which I struggled with before.  I actually feel my dogs respect and love me now!  Amanda is amazing, she is personable, knows her stuff and cares!  I highly recommend Amanda!  Thank you Amanda."

Fofoa, Skye, Jess & Chelsey - Takanini  

Roja_Shirley.jpg"Thank you Amanda, we have just completed our final training session with you.  With your techniques, we have seen Roja do things that we would never thought possible.  Fancy not having a dog under ones feet in the kitchen!!!  What we have learnt from you is and will change our relationship with Roja.  We also know we will have a far happier dog with the knowledge we now have.  Thank you and we are sure we will see you again sometime for a refresher."

Michael, Lindsay & Roja - Glenfield  

Yeva_Thomson.jpg"You've come to our house for the last 4 weeks & every week we've seen an improvement in Yeva & our relationship with her.  Personally our 'lil family will miss having you over to guide, teach & reinforce K9 techniques that have enabled us and some of our own families to see the difference in our rescue girl.

We've tried other methods before & wish we knew about you sooner.  We will be practicing more with Yeva & hope we will all get getter with what you have shared with us.  Thank you for your patience & for educating us as Fur parents on how to be better for our fur baby.  Here's hoping Yeva will be more open to relaxing cuddles from our visitors like yourself.  Was great to get it on film too for our memories!  Thanks so much!"

Amy & Owen - Manurewa 

Delta_Robinson.jpg"When we first contacted Amanda we didn't know what else to do with Delta.  We had been to puppy classes and learnt some very basic skills but had no idea how to cope with the hyper, bouncing, super excitable puppy, who always seemed on edge and could never calm down.

Within that first session, Amanda had taught us the techniques we needed and reassured us that there was hope for us.  Delta seemed so much calmer and quieter, it was amazing.

It's been a couple of weeks since our last session and we have a completely different puppy.  We celebrate every little victory, from not jumping up like crazy at everyone she meets to allowing little children to fuss her and standing calmly while they do it!  I would've been so nervous if children even approached her a few months ago.  We are so grateful to Amanda for teaching us and would recommend her to anyone who is feeling like they don't know what else to do or who to turn to.  Thank you so much."

Rachel & Lee - Highland Park  

Leo_Dunlop.jpg "It has been a few weeks since we finished our last training session with Amanda and Leo has been going from strength to strength with his confidence around others.  Previously Leo would be anxious when out and about and would sometimes bark and growl at people.  Leo hasn't growled or barked at anyone in public for weeks now and has been happily accepting pats from adults and children.  Leo's barking at people visiting the house is still a work in progress but he is calming down a lot quicker now and we are sure with time, patience and the tools Amanda has taught us we will continue to see even further improvements.  Thanks so much Amanda."

Leo, Alyssa & Matthew - Bayswater 

DJango_Ropiha.jpg"Amazing! Django is a changed dog, happy and content now, so I am truly thankful to Amanda for all that she has taught us with him.  He is definately still testing us but now we have the right tools to change his behaviour.  Would 100% recommend Amanda to anybody struggling to train their dogs out of unwanted behaviours."

"My appreciation goes out to Amanda and her amazing training she has done with our Rotti Django.  To think if we didn't go down this road we would have a very unhappy and aggressive dog.  So thank you so much would not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends."

Chantelle & Kristi - Tuakau  

Chloe_Lomax.jpg"Amanda has been an absolute lifesaver for us!  Chloe came to us as a rescue dog and is very cute but also very full on and was jumping everywhere and nipping everyone.  Even after the first visit it made a massive difference and we all know (including the kids) what to do and how to deal with her in such a positive way.  We have all looked forward to Amanda's visits and learning new things."

Cath & Phil - Mt Eden  

Ziggy_Archer.jpg"K9 Techniques Limited was such a life changing experience for me!  I can't believe how much the relationship between Ziggy and I has changed, it's 1,000% times better and I can't thank Amanda enough.  It's awesome to see the change in Ziggy's behaviour already.  I'm super excited to continue with the training and keep working on this new found bond Zig and I have.  I would recommend this to every dog owner.  Thanks again Amanda and Oreo"

Stacey - Whangaparoa  

Brian_Wright.jpg"We have just finished our training with Amanda for Brian our rescue boxer - who came to us with severe aggression issues with other dogs.  We have had dogs all our lives (13 dogs in total) but have never taken any of them for training (wish we had known Amanda sooner as life with some of our dogs would have been much easier had we known about her K9 Techniques).

We had no idea what to expect but when Amanda arrived for the first session she made us feel at ease right from the start.  She has a wonderful warm and friendly manner and was clear about what we could expect from the training and what we needed to put into practice each week to ensure we got the best results for Brian.

He has done brilliantly with his training - something we could never have done on our own.  The techniques Amanda has taught Brian and us make such logical sense and so easy to apply with results that can come about extremely quickly if you put the effort in and practice what she has taught you.

We feel so much more confident when we take him out for walks and know what we may expect but more importantly how to handle each situation when it arrives.  Some of the many fantastic results are sitting and staying, lying down when told to, coming to us when called, taking food gently and not trying to jump into his food bowl at feeding time.

We highly recommend Amanda and her teaching methods/techniques to anybody looking for training where natural methods are used (no food rewards etc) to get your beloved pets to respond positively and become even more awesome!!  We are so grateful for all your help and assistance (even via text or email when we needed answers to questions).  All the best to you."

Chantal & Stewart - Torbay  

Charlie_Perkinson.jpg"Our Corgi Charlie was constantly barking at birds and barking when the doors were opened and would only come to us when he wanted to.

Amanda came to our home and taught us her techniques, she also personalised the training to the issues we were facing.  We found Amanda's training methods gave excellent results and Charlie is now more relaxed and responds well to us.

We highly recommend Amanda, her communication was excellent and she was very flexible and able to work around our commitments.  Thanks."

Kirsten & Keith - Papakura  

Ellie_Beer.jpg"Ellie & Milo are two Shih Tzus that my 88 year old Mum adopted after the loss of her previous dog in September 2017.  The two newcomers were barely two years old with plenty of puppy like exuberance.  Training was vital, but the question of "how to train" was an issue as my mother lives independently but has limited mobility.  A search on Google found Amanda's "K9 Techniques" web site.  We felt we had nothing to lose and everything to gain so contacted Amanda.  What a delightful person she is - we immediately felt at ease.

Milo_Beer.jpgThe dynamics of our situation was challenging as my wife (predominantly) and I had to take the lead in the training & as we are not with Mum all the time, training is not as consistent as it should be.  However....or despite this...we were absolutely amazed as the results!  Amanda also explained the psychology of her "K9 Techniques" - that we would end up with calmer, happier, more relaxed dogs.  Well, as she indicated that is exactly what happened.  The most amazing aspect of that part of the training was that both dogs initially showed little, if any, affection to my wife.  If I came into the room they made a beeline for me and ignored her!  However as the training progressed, the bond between my wife and the dogs grew and grew and they respond very very well to her commands, probably even better than to me!  The progress happened over a fairly short period of time - a few weeks if that!

Engaging Amanda has been an investment with a return far far exceeding our expectations & I would recommend her to anyone without any reservations at all.  Amanda is like a "Mary Poppins" for canines, had our two been called Jane and Michael, not Ellie and Milo, the analogy would have been perfect."

Thorsten - Avondale   

Hermione_Harris.jpg"We finished our training with Amanda just before Christmas and I can definately say our lives are 100x better.  Our baby is still learning to be confident with new people but we now have the tools to work with her and show her that she can be calm and friendly.  From being very scared of children only a couple of months ago she has progressed to meeting my new born nephew yesterday and was seriously well behaved the whole time and also allowed an older child to greet her with a pat today.  Thank you so much Amanda for your support and training.  It's been life changing.

Charlotte - Hobsonville   

Hunter_Singh.jpg"Thank you so much for helping us to train Hunter.  After just 1 month we now have so much more confidence with controlling Hunter especially on walks.  No more pulling on leash and I have more control when we meet other dogs.  Walking with Hunter has become enjoyable.  We also invite him inside more often as he stays on his mat unless we allow him to get up.  I would highly recommend your services and training methods especially as it doesn't involve treats."

Shailesh - Sunnyhills  

Skyla_Atkinson-McLeod.jpg"All I can say is wow! The technique that Amanda uses (and teaches you) is the best! We have used another trainer but the desired result (a well behaved dog in public) was NOT achieved.  Amanda's training has definitely taught us how we should communicate with our dog - thus ensuring everybody is happy and on the same page!  By using Amanda's training techniques results are amazing. Going forward with our dog we will all enjoy being out in public.  Thank you so much for your help and advice Amanda."

Cass - Hunua  

"Lucy_Murdie.jpgOur time with Amanda at K9 Techniques was really worthwhile.  Amanda is an extremely capable and, more importantly, a kind and patient instructor.  Our 6 year old Huntaway responded well to Amanda and we all learnt a lot together. Now we know it is up to us to continue to implement and build on the training we have received.  We are just so pleased that we have been taught the skills to help us all have much more orderly & happy lives together!

Since our course ended Amanda has stayed in touch by email to see how we are progressing, this has been great for us to have that contact.  We are looking forward to our follow up meeting in a few months to show off our obedient well behaved baby!

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Amanda to work with other owners and their dogs."

Trisha & Trevor - Brookby  

"We had tried 2 trainers before coming to Amanda at K9 Techniques.  Our young chap was wilful and protective, something we had not experienced before with any of our previous dogs.  He clearly did not see us as leaders!  After learning Amanda's techniques we now finally believe we have the tools to manage his behaviour and change the dynamic of our relationship so he can see us as leaders, gain confidence and just relax!  We are at the beginning and know that we will have to continue to work on this, but at least we can actually see results and are moving in the right direction as he has responded so well, it just really comes down to us being good consistent leaders!  Amanda was absolutely brilliant in transferring this knowledge to us and explaining everything - which we believe is a really important part of this process.  Not all trainers have good human teaching skills!  Thanks so much for your help!"  (Picture of dog withheld at request of owners)

Simon & Natalie 

Ruby_Donald.jpg"I engaged Amanda for dog training techniques for my Cavoodle Ruby. Amanda developed a quick rapport with Ruby and won her trust. Ruby felt safe and secure which enabled Amanda to introduce and demonstrate new techniques for Ruby's training each week.  People who have known Ruby previously to the training have remarked on the positive difference it has made in her behaviour"

Heather - Te Atatu Peninsula  

 Jem_Smethurst.jpg"I couldn't speak highly enough of Amanda at K9 Techniques!  Jem has gone from a puppy with no ears and no rules - to an obedient, eager to please/learn, happy pup, and it is all thanks to the amazing techniques and way of training that Amanda has taught us. 

Having used dog trainers in the past, I know how hard it can be to follow through and really get somewhere with it - it becomes a chore that you end up giving up! But I love that there is no food or tools etc involved in her training - which means we can train her anytime, anywhere, in everyday situations - it becomes easy! and with that comes consistency and results really quickly. 

Thank you Amanda, you really have changed our lives as dog owners :)"

Ashlee - Pukekohe  

Hercules_Singh.jpg "Amanda is absolutely amazing! She has such a talent! We didn't think much could be done for our Maltese/Pomeranian as we had tried other types of training and even been told that his aggressive, anxious behaviour was just the way he was. However, even after the first time we met and started training with Amanda we noticed a difference! It has taken a lot of hard work and we will always have to be mindful of it but Hercs is a much happier, much calmer dog and we are able to feel a lot more at ease about him being around kids (never alone!) and other dogs. It has been such a huge relief to have someone who understands our dog and has been able to change the way that we as a family have been dealing with his behavioural issues. I would 110% recommend Amanda to anyone! And thank you so so much for always going out of your way to accommodate us"

Nadene - Weymouth  

 Shilo_Chambers.jpg"Heaven-sent! We were faced with a situation where we had a stunning very determined 1 year GSP puppy (Shilo) who we adored...but who was fast becoming intolerant of strangers, overly protective, destroying the house and near impossible to walk on a lead.  And as for recall - that was a mere dream on our doggy wish-list. 

Not having any referrals we came across K9 Techniques on the Internet...and after a very prompt response and discussion, felt that Amanda would be someone we could put faith in. We were not disappointed.

Amanda has a very calm and confident yet fun training manner.  She listens to your concerns and is very happy to tailor the training modules to address your specific needs - we liked that.  Extremely approachable, professional, non-judgemental and clearly adept in dog training techniques, we found that Shilo quickly responded to Amanda's K9 Technique training over the 6 week period - despite Shilo's very stubborn streak.

The greatest benefit to us was that Amanda was able to come to our home, access the areas we were having challenges with, teach us the most beneficial techniques and then provided us every day exercises in the environment in which we operate.  Granted the training was more about what we needed to do to give Shilo the leadership & direction she craved. We still pull out the handy Client Reference Guides Amanda provided us just to remind ourselves of the key points we need to remain mindful of.

What impressed us most was Amanda's commitment to the processes.  Shilo is a much happier, calmer dog because of the K9 Techniques...and we are enjoying her company much more. We would highly recommend Amanda without hesitation to any dog owner and recommend that anyone having obedience issues act quickly; as we have learnt so much of the dog's behaviour stems from the owners handling of the situation and can be fast resolved."

Michelle & Jude - Birkenhead  

 Beatrix_Stasiak.jpg "We started with our then 16 week naughty puppy Beatrix.  In retrospect, I think our expectations of her behaviour were probably unrealistic but she also knew that we had no clue about her training.  Speaking with Amanda on the phone was the first port of call and provided some reassurance that we probably didn't have an aggressive dog!  She then came over and LITERALLY within the first half hour corrected some of the behaviours we had struggled and lost sleep over in the first month and a half of having Beatrix.  It was transformational.  Over the next 2-3 months (we spread the training sessions), our dog went from over-reactive, non-attentive pup to a chilled, happy but obedient girl.  A big part of the learning was for us to be consistent and to use positive reinforcement a lot more too.  Amanda's techniques really work and I am not sure we would have been able to stick at it with our pup if it weren't for her strategies!!  This training is as much for the humans as it is for the dogs so don't expect miracles without putting in good honest work yourself.  We also had to deal with tantrums from our doggy but it was worth it!! I totally recommend K9 Techniques to all dog owners.  I see dogs pulling on the lead, jumping, growling etc and all I want to tell them is get some professional advice and call Amanda today"

Karolina - Greenlane  

Charlie_Brown.jpg "The family and our dog were at ease with Amanda from the moment she walked in and the training was relaxed and simple for us all.  The training was certainly effective and we have a happier dog because she knows what is expected.  It is now a pleasure to take her out in public places as she knows how to behave and is less stressed."

Kay - Mt Albert 

Tilly_Foote.jpg"I highly recommend Amanda.  Her communication and responsiveness made me feel like I not only had support during our sessions, but also at all other times when you really do need help with your dog's behaviour.  Amanda uses effective techniques that become second nature to you and your dog and she really does have a solution for everything a dog can throw at you.  Having Amanda come to you is also a great benefit as you're able to address undesirable behaviour in the environment it's taking place, which fixed problems I was having in one session.  Amanda has allowed me to set clear boundaries with my dog which have made dog ownership so incredibly rewarding"

Christine - Hobsonville  

  Kaiser_Saward.jpg "Amanda is truly a 'dog whisperer' and her techniques absolutely worked for our boy Kaiser.  We had tried other trainers and really struggled with their methods (choke chains and clickers).  Amanda's method was each to grasp and easy to be consistent with.  We actually noticed results from the very first week!  Now, 2 months later, we have a much happier and more confident dog who accepts his place in the home and respects us as his superiors.  We know there's still work to be done but we are now equipped with the right tools to continue the good behaviour shaping with our boy. Thanks again Amanda."

Renee - Mt Eden  

Niu_Niu_Sang.jpg"Thank you so much for your time and the dog training techniques. NiuNiu has been barking for quite a while, we have tried different ways to stop her barking, but that was no success at all.  After she is being trained with you, we certainly can see a big improvement in her.  And your methods are easy and useful.  So we highly recommend you to anyone who needs a personal dog trainer for their dogs.  Thank you again."

Chengbo - Glendene  

Reg_Down.jpg"We met Amanda when our dog Reg was almost one, and he had decided he didn't want to listen to what we had to say anymore, and what used to work for us training-wise was no longer working.  We knew that the problem was with us - my husband and I are long-time dog lovers, but first-time dog owners so we needed help and guidance around effective training techniques.  Right from the first session Amanda had us all pegged and gave us some helpful advice which made perfect sense.  Even better, we know that what we've learnt can be directly applied to any of Reg's behaviours that we're not so keen on now and into the future, it's not restricted to just what Amanda has taught us.  As a result, Reg is a much calmer dog in all situations, and we are much less stressed.  We definitely recommend Amanda and K9 Techniques."

Grace & Sam - Favona  

  Marshall_Ngaue.jpg"Amanda is fantastic. Using her techniques has been proven to be very effective and we regularly get comments from how well behaved Marshall is.  If you want to see your dog well trained don't hesitate to call her.  Thanks for everything."

Sam & Delint - Hobsonville    

  Jazz_Garland.jpg"Amanda came into our lives when we were at our wits end with my naughty dog Jazz.  After four lessons with Amanda I can truly say Jazz is a different dog.  Suddenly her ears are on and she listens to me.  I can safely walk Jazz on and off the lead in all the places she once would have created mayhem.  We have tried other trainers with limited success.  Amanda's techniques are easy to follow, make sense, create a healthy leadership role with your dog and give outstanding results.  I totally recommend K9 Techniques for all dog owners."

Kathie - Maraetai   

  Heff_Noble.jpg"Heff & I met Amanda for our first lesson beginning of April.  Heff was a very headstrong and stubborn boy who threw temper tantrums when he couldn't get his own way.  Walking was a nightmare and I felt like my arm was being detached from my shoulder.  Well after the first lesson he was a changed dog.  Second lesson and going for a walk became easier.  From then on learning walking to heel made it a real pleasure to go on our walks.  Amanda taught me to be a stronger leader and Heff to be a "good boy".  So much thanks for teaching us both.  We still have a way to go but now I have the knowledge to keep Heff on track and hopefully soon we will be attending an obedience club to meet new people and pooches.  Amanda is amazing, patient and giving clear instructions.  I really recommend K9 Techniques."

Jane - Huia  

 Summer_Raynes.jpg "Wow, the difference in Summer our 1 year old Staffy X, after just 3 weeks is amazing! Summer very much lacked doggy manners, she was weeing on our kids beds and on their carpet, nipping them, jumping on people, barking at everything, and a bunch of other bad habits! We were very stressed out! Summer is now much calmer around our 4 kids, she has her ears switched on and her manners are much much better! We are absolutely thrilled! Amanda is amazing, very patient and so kind and caring, we will be forever grateful. I highly recommend K9 Techniques!"

Sheena - Waiuku

 Fluffy_Siu.jpg"Fluffy used to bark a lot and for no particular reasons and we just didn't know how to stop this behaviour.  We didn't know what to do and constant yelling didn't seem to fix the problem. We found K9 Techniques and decided to give it a go.  Just after the first 2 lessons, we have noticed a great improvement in Fluffy.  She stops barking when we tell her to and we applied the same techniques to other behavioural problems like growling and not willing to listen when asked to.  It also works!  I wish I had known Amanda when Fluffy was still a puppy" 

Jennifer - St Heliers

 Douglas_Burns.jpg"I engaged Amanda to help train Douglas (and myself) very early on when Doug was just 10 weeks old.  I specifically chose Amanda to help me because I wanted a type of training that taught effective leadership, and didn't rely on treats.  I'd had him for two weeks by that point and he'd already proved to be a challenge with lots of the typical puppy behaviours of jumping and biting and chewing etc.  With Amanda's guidance I found myself able to help Douglas eliminate these annoying habits very quickly.  As he matured, he turned his ears on even more and now has some really pleasing habits that make me very proud.  Our biggest achievement to date is him now automatically stopping and sitting and waiting for my command when we reach a road on our walks.  I've always been impressed by other dogs who can do such things; I now have a 6 month old puppy who does it!  This is all down to everything Amanda has taught us.  I wholly recommend anyone thinking of adopting a puppy or dog to contact Amanda early on, so that you learn how to effectively communicate with your canine friend right from the start!  Her techniques are truly amazing, and I love that I don't rely on a bag of treats to ensure Douglas is on his best behaviour"

Petra and Douglas - Bombay  

 Drogo_Kumar.jpg"Amanda is fantastic! We are extremely grateful that we found her to train our 4 month old American Staffy.  She genuinely cares about dogs and is very professional. As well as teaching basic obedience there was an emphasis on leadership which was really necessary to have a well-mannered puppy. Thank you Amanda for not only educating Drogo, but for educating us as well. We highly recommend Amanda to any dog owners."

Deepika & Chris - Pakuranga  

 "Gracie_Christie.jpgI contacted Amanda of K9 Techniques to help me with my dog Gracie.  I'd recently made a few changes to her life - moved to a lifestyle block, adopted several farm animals and a cat.  Gracie started to rebel and behaving out of character and I was getting frustrated with her.  After a few sessions with Amanda I really noticed the difference. In fact the change was quite stunning over a short period of time.  Gracie started listening to me more and being more responsive again.  She's a much more relaxed dog and that also gave me more confidence in Gracie and myself.  Amanda is very supportive and only a phone call or email away.  This is the best and most effective dog training technique I have ever used."

Lynne - Albany   

Tilly_Fulton_2.jpg "Tilly is awesome, she is a changed dog thanks to you and your techniques. She is a much more enjoyable and lovable dog to be around and so much easier to control on a walk. Highly recommend to anyone, and everyone."

Daniel - Karaka

Matilda_Boyle_2.jpg"We are happy to highly recommend Amanda and K9 Techniques to any and all dog owners.  We have owned dogs all our lives but were struggling with Matilda who had developed worrying behaviours. After our training sessions with Amanda we now feel confident and capable of knowing how to deal with our dog in many different situations. We feel the price is well worth it, as we are now equipped to deal with any dog we may own in our lifetime and our children will also carry these skills with them through life. Matilda responded quickly and positively to the techniques that Amanda taught us. Thank you so much." 

Scott, Jodie and Matilda - Ardmore 

Ellie__Chase.jpg"We are so grateful that we were introduced to Amanda through friends who had also been through the K9 Techniques training. We started with a very naughty, disobedient senior citizen dog (Chase) who stole food at every opportunity (even off peoples plates on their lap if they turned away!) and thought he was the king of the house. We also had a very anxious/highly dog-reactive 7 year old bull terrier X (Ellie) everyone was too scared to walk - she would turn into an angry shrieking eel on a lead every time we saw another dog, and was very difficult to control. Our biggest fear was that Ellie would break free and potentially injure another dog and/or its owner and would have been put to sleep, and as a result had not been walked further than a block in a long time.

With Amanda's help we have learned to communicate effectively with our dogs and they are much more obedient and mellow.  No more stolen food, a less anxious bull terrier X, so a very positive change to our lives with the dogs. There is still more improvement too be had with the anxious dog but we are confident that Amanda's techniques will help get us to where we would like to be. Our only regret is that we hadn't met Amanda sooner in our dog's lives." 

Charlotte - Mt Roskill 

Cooper_Farrugia.jpg"We are delighted in the change we've noticed in Cooper since applying the K9 Techniques training.  He's a much more relaxed and compliant dog which has made for a much happier and less stressed household"

Sharon - Ness Valley  

Phoenix__Finn_Wallace.jpg"Thank you so much for your help in teaching us how to train our dogs, Phoenix & Finn.  I have to say prior to the training it was difficult to stop them from jumping and running in the house, plus Finn biting on Phoenix's neck, and a few other naughty behaviours they were getting away with, however once we were taught your communication techniques it made it so easy for us to teach them.  Such a simple and logical technique and it worked so quickly!"

Amanda, Nigel, Brya & Dan - Whitford   

Taiga__Benny_Feigin.jpg"Thank you so much for your time! Your training techniques have turned both Benny's and Taiga's behaviour around and they are on the road to becoming very well behaved dogs! We really appreciate your support."

Svetlana, Valeriy & Oliver - Parau  

Rosie_Jones.jpg"We got in touch with Amanda after looking at a number of training services for our puppy, Rosie. Amanda impressed with her immediate connection with us and with Rosie, and in the way her techniques were quickly taught and immediately effective.  As a result of working with Amanda we haven't had any of the problems we've heard about from other dog owners - Rosie is happy and knows what's expected of her at all times.  We would happily recommend Amanda and K9 Techniques to anyone looking for dog training services, or just to develop a better relationship with their dog"

Dan & Evelyn - Ponsonby 

Mika_Miller.jpg"I am so pleased. Mika now has her ears on. This is by far the most effective canine training technique I have seen. Amanda is a consistent, patient and knowledgeable professional. I have been properly taught how to communicate with Mika. She is a new dog. I would recommend Amanda and her K9 Techniques training method to anyone who is a dog owner. I feel my dog is now safe in the knowledge I have gained with Amanda, with my being able to enjoy Mika any time, any place, with confidence. Well done to you Amanda and I cannot thank you enough for the complete change in my beautiful dog"

Elizabeth - Ness Valley 


Poppy_Corson.jpg"We thought children were hard work until we got a defiant Cocker Spaniel in the house. She was a challenge on so many fronts. Amanda gave us some great skills and support which has calmed her down and stopped her running out on the road. K9 Techniques was just what we needed."

Kirsten & James - Clevedon 


Boston_Benjamin_2.jpg"Amanda is a great trainer and I will definitely be looking for opportunities to refer her to family and friends if their dogs or owners are in need of some training. Both myself and partner and also our dog Boston found Amanda to be very patient with us. She explains and demonstrates everything so well. We are so glad we chose her to help us out with Boston and are so pleased with the fast results we got from Boston and know things are only going to improve even more over time with our ongoing training that we have taken away from K9 Techniques. He is a changed dog and we now have the resources to help us with our future with Boston, and my walks are soooo much more pleasant with him amongst other things. We also know we have ongoing support whenever we need it. Thanks heaps Amanda."

Stacey, Rob & Boston - Pukekohe 

Benji_Fuller_2.jpg"Thank you K9 Techniques for helping me with Benji my 5yr old Schnoodle whose behaviour has improved dramatically.  Your techniques are so simple and easy to follow yet they've made a big change in Benji's behaviour as he understands your 'language' and responds to it.  I'm thrilled to have found a way to communicate with him at last. He no longer runs into the house without being invited, runs up to visitors nor leaves the property.  We are still working on the separation anxiety and hope to conquer this one day soon. Thanks again" 

Sue - Whitford 

Baloo_Newlands.jpg"We found K9 Techniques extremely effective.  Baloo responded well and the change is quite fabulous! We really liked that it is not food reward based training, instead developing the bond between human and dog. On-going support was outstanding, Amanda was ever only a phone call, text or email away to answer any queries and offer guidance.  Highly recommended, thanks."

Donna - Kawakawa Bay 

Ally_Mann.jpg"I would highly recommend Amanda & K9 Techniques to any dog owner.... be it puppy or an older dog, you will certainly reap the benefits of having a well mannered dog! Our Tibetan Terrier, Ally, 3 1/2 yrs old, has just completed her sessions with Amanda and we noticed a big difference from day 1 - especially with her aggression to other dogs & the jumping up on us & our visitors.  She is now a pleasure to walk once again, much more enjoyable for Ally & us!  We have also learnt to set boundaries for her so we no longer worry about her straying if a gate is left open.  Thanks again K9 Techniques!"

Margaret - Maraetai 

Milly_Morley-Hall.jpg"After spending a considerable amount of money and time on three different dog trainers I have finally found one who has changed my dog Milly's behaviour and I am so grateful to K9 Techniques for this and would highly recommend them to anyone"

Judy - Kohimarama 


Louie_Mcle.jpg"Thank you so much! What you have taught us has enabled Louie to truly become one of the family.  This is so special for us and our kids and brings us so much happiness.  Can't wait to have family holidays with Louie in tow and to see the kids grow up with Louie right in their hearts.  Thank you from our whole family" 

Tim, Zoe, Tia, Quinn, Miles & Louie