From a very young age I have always loved dogs but it wasn't until my husband and I brought our first home that I was finally able to get my first dog.  Three dogs later (and a lot wiser) it is my current dog, Oreo, that would lead to my desire and passion to start my own dog training business. 

Oreo started becoming aggressive to other dogs after we relocated from Auckland to Melbourne and we were desperate to stop this.  After much research we found The Alpha Canine Group ( and their amazing dog training methods.  We immediately connected with them and loved the fact they don't use food or other bribes to get their dogs to obey, their methods were simple and very effective - even under distraction - and we quickly saw positive changes in Oreo and our relationship with him.   The end result is we now own a very well behaved dog who listens every time, knows and respects boundaries and rules and is such a happy, well-adjusted dog. 

Fast forward 2 years, we came back to Auckland for family reasons and it was this point in time when I decided to have a complete change in career. Because we believed in the training techniques so much I simply wanted to bring them to NZ and teach the techniques to as many dog owners as possible.  It is my personal goal to change dogs behaviour for the good - one dedicated owner at a time.  So after intense hands-on training with Alpha, and becoming a Professional Dog Trainer, I officially launched K9 Techniques Ltd  in December 2015 and it is now my pleasure to share these amazing K9 Techniques with you.  I look forward to welcoming you as a valued client and helping you achieve the same excellent results with your own dog.

Amanda Gemmell - Company Director & Professional Dog Trainer   


Sadly, too many dogs miss out on life's many and varied social experiences just because they misbehave and simply don't listen to their owners, especially when excited or distracted.  Every dog needs leadership to guide them through our human world and serious or unacceptable behaviours often start because dogs have bad canine manners that have not been properly rectified. 

There are always acceptable alternatives to pushy or demanding behavioural patterns and owners should never underestimate how important having a dog with good canine manners is.  At K9 Techniques you will be taught how to stop any unwanted behaviours and how to instantly deal with any others that may show in the future with confidence and ease. 

Bad canine manners and behaviours will often turn into bigger and potentially more serious problems if left unattended so it is always advisable to resolve them as soon as possible.  If your dog is already displaying more serious behavioural traits it's still not too late to take action now. 

Some of the more common examples of bad canine manners or serious behavioural issues include (but not limited to):

  • Jumping up on people  Pulling on the lead  Scratching and whining at doors/windows  Barging through doorways/gates  Mouthing/Biting  Jumping on furniture  Chewing or stealing items around the house  Demanding attention  Excessive barking
  • Over excitement  Separation anxiety  Escaping  -  Digging/Destructive behaviours  Aggression or Fear/Anxiety based behaviours towards others dogs, animals or people (including children)  Food/Possession aggression


In addition the first 16 weeks of a puppy's life is the most important with regards to their behavioural and social development.  By teaching reliable obedience and good canine manners at an early age (we can start from 8 weeks old) many unwanted puppy behaviours like mouthing/biting, jumping, excitability, stealing and chewing items, can be quickly eliminated and it also sets the right foundation to help with their confidence building and socialisation skills.  A lot of people ignore puppy behaviours because they believe they will grow out of them but I can assure you this is not always the case.  It is always better to teach your puppy the correct way to behave from a young age so they grow up to be a well-behaved and happy dog.


Obedience Classes and Puppy Schools are a good start for socialisation and learning basic obedience however their training methods often involve food and commands are not always enforceable, which becomes a problem in itself.  As an example, if your dog is not sociable or is overly excited around other dogs and won't settle there is very little chance your dog will listen to you when you make a command during class.  Not only can this kind of scenario be stressful or frustrating but your dog learns it only needs to listen to you when it wants to and you won't be able to effectively take control or resolve any behavioural issues. 

Our more personal K9 Techniques are based on 2 important principles:  Leadership Obedience and Good Behaviour Shaping.  Both of these principles are worked on during each and every Essential Training Session and will provide you with a quick and effective way of dealing with every aspect of your dog's behaviour, not just some.  Plus, our Leadership Obedience techniques teach your dog to obey every command every time - not just when they want to. 

Obedience training alone is never enough - it won't solve problems - but with my training combination of Leadership Obedience and Good Behaviour Shaping you will develop Leadership, Trust, Reliability, Respect and Control when needed.


Our Essential Training Packages are separated into 4 Essential Training Sessions and are designed to provide you with a full understanding of the different K9 Techniques, the consistent and repeated learning pattern, the clear canine communication techniques, and for you to establish a clear and positive leadership position.  My techniques are structured to ensure your dog quickly picks up on the communication methods and starts responding positively.  Not only will your communication with your dog change but you may find your dog starts carrying itself differently, becoming more relaxed and happier, as your leadership becomes more established. 

The first session, which also includes a behavioural consultation, is typically between 2-2.5 hours and the 3 subsequent training sessions are 1 hour each in duration.  If you have time constraints for the first session we can split this into 2 sessions - 1.5 hours then another 1 hour session at a later date - however I would strongly encourage you to make the time, if possible, as you would get the most benefit from doing this session in one block. 

Training sessions are conducted at least 1 week apart and you will be required to practise what you have been taught in-between session and fully integrate these techniques into your life.  However, when you do you will be amazed at how quickly you see positive changes in your dog and their behaviour should continue to improve day-by-day.  The more committed you are, the greater the results you will achieve and the quicker you will see results via the positive behavioural choices your dog will make. 

I also provide free on-going support via phone or email so you should never feel like you are left to your own devices during or after training.  Some other dog trainers have a time limit on their support but at K9 Techniques I know life can bring changes at any time and I'm happy to keep answering any questions you may have.  In addition, if you need me to come out to see what's happening in person this can be easily organised. 



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