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Is your "Man's Best Friend" sometimes not "Your Best Friend"?

Do you want to stop all unwanted behaviours, not just some?

Does your Dog obey every command first time - even when distracted?

Have you tried other training methods and they haven't worked consistently or at all? 

Do you want a well-behaved and happy Dog or Puppy?

Then I can help you... 

Whether this is your first dog or you have had more than one dog in your lifetime, this is the only training method you will ever need if your desire is to know how to:

- resolve any unwanted behaviours quickly while teaching your dog how to make more acceptable behavioural choices

- raise your puppy to be a well-behaved dog

- develop a clear and positive leadership position with your dog without causing fear 

- communicate with your dog in a way it understands and quickly responds to

- have a dog that is happy, well-mannered and will listen to you in any situation

- get results in your first session or your money back

- learn techniques that you can use on any dog you own, now or in the future, giving you and your family skills that will last a lifetime

and all without using typical training methods like food, clicker methods, shock/electronic collars or harsh physical corrections 


Unlike the majority of other dog trainers, at K9 Techniques I offer a very effective way of training your dog - no matter its age, size or breed - that doesn’t rely on food or toys for rewarding your dog, nor do I use “clicker” methods, shock/electric training collars or harsh physical corrections.  Instead I teach you vocal techniques needed which, when done consistently, will result in you developing a clear and positive leadership position with your dog.

You don't need to always have a tasty treat in your pocket or your dog’s favourite toy at hand just to get your dog to listen and obey you.  What would happen if your dog isn’t motivated by these things or another distraction is a lot more interesting?  It would simply ignore you, which just teaches your dog they only need to listen to you if they want to.  And the use of harsh correction methods, like shock/electric training collars or even 'scruffing', are often distressing to the dog and is more likely to cause anxiety and fear rather than positively changing behaviours.

Imagine if you didn't rely on treats to bribe your dog:

  • How much $$$$ could you save on buying treats throughout the lifespan of your dog?
  • Think of all the potential health benefits to your dog when you don't have to worry about diet, obesity, allergies or any other concerns when constantly giving processed treats/food
  • And how special will a treat become when it is given as a true reward?


At K9 Techniques I don't run public classes or ask for your dog to be sent away to be trained, instead I come to you and conduct personal one-on-one training in your own home.  With my personal training you will get my full attention to work on the specific issues you are experiencing, resulting in faster and more effective outcomes (compared to public/group classes).  And because most bad behaviours occur in and around the home, when your dog feels more comfortable and in control (even when you think it's out of control), your home is the perfect place to also set up some rules and boundaries that your dog will learn to respect and obey.  In addition we can conduct training in public places, if this is also where your dog's behavioural issues occur, so you can become more confident with your dog in any real-life situation.

Along with eliminating any current unwanted behaviours I will teach techniques that will last you a lifetime and give you confidence to use them in any situation you are faced with.  But please do not expect you or your dog to be perfect after being shown what to do once. As the old saying goes "practice makes perfect" and learning how to properly train your dog is no exception.  But don't worry, you don't have to spend hours a day practicing. Even as little as 5-10 minutes a day can bring you results providing your communication is consistent.

Distractions are also added to the training sessions, including my own beloved dog Oreo (when appropriate), simply because it is when your dog is distracted or overly excited that you need them to listen to you the most.  With my training techniques you will teach your dog to listen and respect your commands when you want them to and not only when your dog feels like it.  This is just one of the reasons why my K9 Techniques work so well compared to other methods.   

And all training is done at a time that is convenient to you,

including weekdays, weekends and, depending on location, late nights.

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I know it's a financial commitment to train your dog, and you don't want to pay for something that doesn't give you results.  I am so confident of my K9 Techniques that I am pleased to offer a money-back guarantee.  If we agree, in the unlikely event, there is no sign of improvement in your dog's behaviour at the conclusion of the first Essential Training Session, I will refund the cost of the Essential Training Package purchased and we will simply part ways.

As an extra bonus once you know my K9 Techniques you can use them to train any future dog you own.  Think about how much money you can save over your lifetime of owning dogs if you already knew how to effectively communicate with, and train, any dog you welcomed into your family.

Enhance Your Relationship With Your Dog


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What We Provide

4 Personal One-on-One Dog Training Sessions at Your Home or in Public Areas

Learn to Stop All of those Unwanted Behaviours, not just some

Good Behaviour Shaping Training Tailored to Your Specific Needs

One-off Investment for a Lifetime Skill

Reward-Based Methods - but Not Food Rewards

Money-Back Guarantee and On-going Support offered

Chance to Win a $100 Animates Gift Voucher

Check Out Our Videos

You will find videos of my Oreo demonstrating how some rules / boundaries / commands should work and also some "Before & After" videos so you can see actual changes in behaviours that have been achieved for some clients during the course of their training

What our clients say...

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"After spending a considerable amount of money and time on three different dog trainers I have finally found one who has changed my dog's behaviour and I am so grateful to K9 Techniques for this and would highly recommend them to anyone"

"...This is by far the most effective canine training technique I have seen. Amanda is a consistent, patient and knowledgeable professional  Read More


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